2nd place in All Japan Dance Contest in 1972
Kyoto Prefectural Government Arts and Culture Medal of Honour  in 1982
gSpirit of the Fringeh award in Edinburgh in 1995 and 2000
Japan Festival Award in London in 2000

 ***Newsweek Japan - chosen among the"100 Japanese the World Respects"***

Collaboration  With Major Artists:

Evelyn Glennie - UK percussionist
Seiichi Tanaka and the San Fransisco Taiko Dojo -Japanese drums
Oguchi Daihachi and the Osuwa Taiko- Japanese drums
George Kawaguchi - Jazz drums
Pepe el Chocolata  - flamenco guitarist
Chikuzan - tsugaru shamisen (3 stringed zither of Japan)
Katsuumi Niwa - opera tenor
Geoff Smith - dulcimer (UK)
Steven Severin - composer / musician (UK)
Arban Severin - composer / musician (UK)
Kitaro - musician (Japan)
Fumio Miyashita- musician (Japan)
Ron Korb - flautist (Canada)
Godfrey King - pianist (UK)
Mika Haka - Maori singer/entertainer
Leofric Kingsford-Smith - actor (Australia)  

Major Performance Venues:

Lincoln Centre - New York   (Himiko -  Sun Goddess of Japan)
Town Hall - New York  (The Dancing Goddess)
Berkley Zellerbach Theatre - San Francisco  (with San Francisco Taiko Dojo)
Palais de Congres - Versailles  (The Dancing Goddess)
ICA - London   (The Woman in the Dunes)
Riverside Studios - London  (Eros of Love & Destruction)
Soho Art Theatre - London  (The Pillow Book)
Reading Concert Hall - Reading  (with Evelyn Glennie)
Saylis Bennie Theatre - Brighton University  (Sex & Consumerism)
Russia Concert Hall - Moscow (Kama Sutra)
Lenin Theatre - Kiev  (Rashomon)
Kyoto Concert Hall   (Salome)
Kyoto Prefectural Arts Hall   (The Woman in the Dunes) and many many more
New National Theatre - Tokyo  (The Tibetan Book of the Dead)
Setagaya Public Theatre - Tokyo  (Salome)
Aoyama Enkei Theatre - Tokyo (The Woman Who Dances With the Wolves)
Oriental Theatre - Kobe  (Salome)
Osaka Festival Theatre (Himiko)
Red Brick Warehouse - Yokohama  (Empire of the Senses  / Realm of Desire)
London Sadlerfs Wells Lilian Baylis Theatre  (Beauty & the Beast)


Tohfukuji Temple - Kyoto (Rashomon)
Yushima Seido Temple - Tokyo (Rashomon)
Chion-in Temple - Kyoto (The Tibetan Book of the Dead)
Kiyomizu Temple - Kyoto (Indian Classical Dance)
Otagi Nembutsu Temple - Kyoto (Birth of Buddha)
Zenkouji Temple - Nagano (ritual in inner alter)
Gokokuji Temple- Tokyo (Himiko)
Kurodani Ei-Un In Temple - Kyoto (Mahabharata)

Japan, India, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaidjan, Yugoslavia, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Israel, Australia,
New Zealand, Switzerland


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