Shakti's Favourite Links
-----------------------------------Shakti's arts and theatre management venture.
-----------------------------------Husband, Jorg's, work when not with Shakti.
-----------------------------------Home of the Tokyo Fringe Festival and base of Shakti's activities in Japan.
-----------------------------------Shakti's wine import company in Japan.
-----------------------------------Shakti's mother and teacher, Vasanta's Indian Dance School.
____________________Technical manager and production manager for The Garage International.
____________________The best tech team you can get. Highly recommended by Shakti.
____________________Nobody can give you a better taste and tour of La Provence. Contact Marlene!

-----------------------------------Legendary musician who composed the music for Shakti's "The Woman in the Dunes" & "Beauty and the Beast."
-----------------------------------Buddhist painter who did body painting on Shakti in "The Pillow Book" and "Vivaldi."
-----------------------------------Renowned photographer who has worked intensively with Shakti.
-----------------------------------Dynamic gay Maori entertainer who has collaborated with Shakti in "The Night of the Milky Way Galaxy"
----------------------------------- Beautiful and artistic Belly Dance trio from Adelaide.
-----------------------------------Etsuko Kawaguchi and her koto music. (greatly loved by the Adelaide audience)

Organisations and Festivals